...you can carry a measure of the Revolution around town with you. I'm telling you--it's good for the spirit. - Riley's Farm, Oak Glen, CA

...you might think the man fell directly though a hole in time to land in a recording studio. Through his music, you sense you are listening to someone who has raised a tankard in a smoky colonial tavern, marched with a firearm, and slept on the hard ground of a revolutionary battlefield. - The Breeds Hill Institute
A Soldier's Journey from E.L. Kurtz

Blue Stream Records

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A Soldier's Journey contains seventeen authentic colonial American songs that weave the tale of an 18th century musician who joins the military to fight for family, country and freedom.
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Listen to the story of A Soldier's Journey
A Soldier's Journey - The Story
Listen to samples from A Soldier's Journey
The Escape of Old John Webb
Jesus Lover of My Soul
We have spent many, many hours listening to the CD, always lifted from it. We hear new wonderful things each time. - B.T. Durbin, NWTA Commander

Authentic,realistic,powerful and passionate. A Must Buy!!! - J. Blakley
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