The Escape of Old John Webb
There were nine to guard the British ranks,
and five to guard the town about,
And two to stand at either hand,
and one to let old tenor out.

There was eighty weight of good Spanish iron,
Between his neckbone and his knee,
But Billy took Johnny under his arm
And lugged him away right artfully.

And Billy broke locks,
And Billy broke bolts,
And Billy broke all that he came nigh,
Until he came to the dungeon door,
And that he broke right artfully.

They mounted their horse and away did ride
And oh but they rode most gallantly,
Until they came to the river bank,
And there they alighted right merrily.


And then they called for a room to dance
And oh but they danced merrily,
But the best dancer there among them all
Was old John Webb who was just set free.

©2008 Blue Stream Records and E.L. Kurtz